Thursday, January 27, 2011

Puppy School

Chloe's puppy school teacher told us to write the top things we want from our dog... so this is our list.

Not asking for much are we?????

The dog we want:
- is a playmate with our 6 year old, Lexi. Not someone that Lexi is afraid to be around because the dog thinks she is a littermate and is constantly biting and climbing all over her and her clothes
- is one that we can trust to be in a room by herself for more than 10 seconds without her getting into things, chewing on stuff, climbing on things, etc
- comes when she is called – she has made us late for appts, missed busses – all due to running away from us and playing hard to get
- ultimately leaves the cats alone. We have one cat that seems kind of interested in playing but she does not understand being gentle and that all cats don’t like her so I would say she needs to stay away or at least when we tell her to
- actually listens to us when we use our “no” sound – instead of completely ignoring us
- stays off of the tables and counters and out of everyone’s food
- only potty’s in the yard – not in the house (gives us warning to go out) and not on the deck (makes it all the way into the yard)
- will play with our 9 year old, Logan, but does not bite and knows that it is not always play time – like when it is time for homework
- stops picking up anything and everything she can find to drive me crazy!!! – plays with her toys!!! ;)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If I had a Million Dollars....

Logan's class assignment was to write a diary entry of what a typical day would be like if he was the richest person in the world. So... his started that he would wake up to the smell of pancakes since he would have someone that cooks for him. In a nutshell, he would spend his day playing video games, watching tv, eating oreos and milk, playing legos and beating the chef at bakugan. My favorite part of the whole diary entry was the last line - 'Being rich will be wonderful because I can have everything that I want but the worst part about it would be that you would have to sign alot of autographs.'

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Luck 'o the Irish

He totally cracks me up!! He loves this shirt and totally wants to change it to 'ALL' instead of 'Irish' after today. Wow...

Did I tell you how a couple weeks ago he was telling me how a little boy in his class was asking him why he was offering to do something for one of the girls in the class and I said why? It's nice to do things for other people! And Logan said "Yeh - and how else do you think you get girl friends?!" He is in 2nd grade!!!!!!!!!

Happy St Patricks Day!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

This one is for YOU Daddy/Poppy!!!


Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh My Goodness! I have a 5 year old!!

Where did the time go?? My baby is five years old??!!! Can that even qualify as a toddler? People aren't kidding when they say that time flies by quickly!

Little Miss Lu Lu had a great birthday again this year! She decided she wanted to go to Applebees for her dinner and Grandma and Poppy joined us there. Afterwards we sat out at the car and opened presents, sang Happy Birthday and ate the cupcakes that Lexi helped make. Quite entertaining doing this in the restaurant parking lot... but everyone really had fun! And to top it off.. Lexi got her Zhu Zhu pets for her birthday!! For anyone who doesn't know - these are little toy hamsters that are the hottest toy this year and are next to impossible to find - Todd and I had actually waited in line at Toys R Us that weekend and actually got the ones for her birthday!

Then for her friends party she had a party at a local laser place in the inflatibles area so the kids could jump around and slide. They had an absolute blast!! And of course she ended up with even more fun toys to play with from all of her friends!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My sweet boy is 8!

Legos, Legos and more Legos plus a dart gun, WDiary of a Wimpy Kid book and money that will probably go to buy more... you guessed it... Legos! That is what he got for his 8th birthday!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Lego Master & another toothless?

Check out this amazing creation that Logan has made with his Legos!!

And yes - my 4 year old actually lost a tooth today!! Absolutely crazy! But she did get xrays 2 weeks ago and her adult teeth are right there... so she did loose it for a good reason!! Except that she is growing up WAY too fast!!!